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January 8th, 2018 WebSiteAdmin Creative 0 Comment

I received my cbdultra and i was amazed at how quick it too my pain away. i have scoliosis. spinal stenosis, lower lumbar degeneration with 2 bulging disk. im in constant pain. i felt like a new person. there are days i cant hardly walk very far without my back going into spasm .ALL i can say is it works. idont want to go on pain meds they dont even touch the pain all the with opioids. i have never took anything that worked like the cbdultra . thank you so much.

Declan Blake reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

Cant express how grateful i am for this product, I have been using the CBD drops and the CBD Balm and i am over the moon with the results. Before i starting using these products i was in constant pain ,had anxiety and was struggling sleeping,it worked so fast, within a couple of days i was feeling 90% better i was sleeping wasn’t in hardly as much pain and i was no longer anxious about things, CBD Ultra is godsend.

Ps. You couldn’t ask for a more helpful company , thank you for your help.

Denise White reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

I got the lemon haze Eliquid with vape pen kit 2 days ago. It has almost stopped the pain in my feet from plantar fasciitis (left foot) and metatarsalygia (right foot). I can now walk downstairs normally instead of hobbling and holding on to the bannister. Communication is great, postage quick and very reasonable, it’s sent recorded delivery in a plain jiffy bag. Highly recommended.

Karina le Boustouller reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

Cannot express my sincere thanks to this wonderful cbd oil that gas given my son his life back. He is suffering anxiety and slight depression. This amazing oil took about 6weeks for it to get in to his system and the change in him is unbelievable. For anyone out there who is unsure, I urge you to give it a go, you have nothing to lose, you will only gain. Well done CBD, I’m forever grateful to you  👍 x. BTW the customer service is outstanding, professional, polite and knowledgeable, well done xx

Samantha Eccleston reviewed CBD Ultra — 4 star

the most helpful people and the product does what its designed for i am very pleased as any relief from chronic pain is priceless and it has meant i have cut down on my other medication.

Sarah Thomas reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to find CBD Ultras oil…… it’s 80% CBD content rather than most that I have tried which are usually 30%ish I’m so excited for my order to arrive and it’s such a good price too!!! Is anyone else using this I’d love some feedback on it???

Kaan Aydogmus reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

I have been suffering with some undiagnosable/complex urinary tract problems since October, I had 7 weeks of strong antibiotics, but nothing was changed. I started to use cbd oil since mid-December and have seen a massive improvement in my symptoms. Can’t recommend it enough.

Rach Dean reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

After getting some helpful friendly advice from Carl, I’ve been using CBD Ultra oil for a few weeks now, I can honestly say the effects I’ve felt have been nothing short of amazing! It really helps to lift me up when I need it. I’ve also been giving them to one of my cats during the introduction of a new cat to our home to help reduce stress. I’d highly recommend giving this a try if you’re looking for something to ease anxiety, as well as all the other fantastic benefits it can offer!

Lee Stamp reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

Next day delivery. Great price. Look forward to see a difference 

Emma Thompson reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

I got the 80% strength stuff for my anxiety. It took a couple weeks to really kick in but it has made such a huge difference. Much freer from all consuming thoughts which were always worse at night time. My sister bought some for the same reason and she felt a huge difference straight away. We have both suffered with anxiety since our teens. Cannot rave about this enough! I have also got my parents who are both in their 60s on this from last week. Will let you know how they get on. Worth every penny!!!

Simon Russell reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

Having tried CBD ULTRA BALM to help a family members ongoing skin condition they were delighted to find almost instant relief after over 5 years of various medical prescriptions.
Their condition is constantly improving and CBD ULTRA BALM has also proved useful in easing general skin and joint complaints.
A jar of CBD ULTRA BALM is now a staple in our household.

Debbie Boon reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

I have been using the CBT Ultra Balm on my daughter’s eczema flare ups…. she is almost instantly soothed, and the inflammation reduced overnight. I have used it on insect bites and honestly has been better than the antihistamine cream I had used before. I am going to continue using for eczema and looking forward to see8ng what the results are after a month. Will report back.

Update …. tried it on cold sore …. it worked better than other cold sore treatments I have been prescribed.

Dan Baker reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

I use CBD as an alternative to other pain medication, after having a life changing accident 5 years ago. Struggling with arthritis and being hooked on codeine I decided to give this ago after being recommended by a friend.
The CBD is a great alternative and have now lowered my dose of prescription painkillers.
The vape is a nice tasty smoke that can be mixed with other flavour concentrates.

Gary Baggaley reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

Very happy i gave it a go, smooth, great tasting and nice effect, will be back for more

Sham Choudry reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

This is by far the best Vape liquid I have come across, very satisfying indeed.
Now with all the benifits and totally being organic I see this as the future.Great price too.
Thanks CBD for a quality product.

Chloe Giacospaghetti reviewed CBD Ultra — 5 star

Fantastic stuff – great service, great product !!! x

Rachel Amanzi reviewed Channel Island CBD — 5 star

I’ve been living with lupus SLE (an autoimmune disease) for a few years, which makes you have joint pain, inflammation, extreme tiredness and very low mood and anxiety etc.. I have been using the cbd rich oil and the drops for a few weeks now and it has made a very big impact on my mood. I think the cbd rich oil is more potent than the drops. Overall, i think i am feeling a difference in the other symptoms too but its a little early to tell as i get good weeks followed by bad. My doctor and specialist know i am taking it and have both been very positive about it. The specialist is interested to know how it works. I don’t normally like to share private information but its time that the stigma of using such products is eradicated so i’m happy to go public with it. Carl has been so helpful and always ready to take a call and answer any questions. It amazing though how it has helped my mood and i can really tell the difference if i don’t take it. I like very much that it is organic and the price is also very good compared to what else is available online! Thanks Carl and look forward to meeting you when you come to Guernsey.

Lynsey Benford reviewed Channel Island CBD — 5 star

Fantastic customer service and speedy delivery! I have been using the oil drops to help me sleep and calm my anxiety. Working a treat and will definitely stick to ordering from here. Can’t beat them!

Anne Binnington reviewed Channel Island CBD — 5 star

I needed advice on which products to buy, and the customer service was amazing. My request for help was responded to immediately and helpful advice given. I have now been able to place an order, and look forward to its arrival.

Piers Ockleford reviewed Channel Island CBD — 5 star

Amazing customer service. Answered lots of questions over the phone and by message. The ultra cbd oil is very potent. Couldn’t recommend the company more. Looking forward to their vape oil coming out soon

Steve Queripel Product is amazing, I have been using the 1000mg strength drops. Don’t really notice the pain relief happening as it happens over a few days but you really notice it if you stop taking the drops. Sleep quality is so much better as I am more comfortable in bed. This is good for my overall health. The supplier cbdultra have been so helpful and professional with the questions and delivery of the orders, I cannot fault them. Overall first class!


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