What Are the Benefits of Activated Charcoal in Cosmetics?

19th, Feb 2020

What Are the Benefits of Activated Charcoal in Cosmetics?

Activated charcoal is carbon that’s received treatment to increase its absorbency. Hospitals have used it for decades as a way to treat drug overdoses and alcohol poisoning. It can attach to the toxins found in the stomach, absorbing them before they reach a person’s bloodstream.

Now that ability is available to consumers in cosmetics products. It follows a similar theory. When the activated charcoal gets applied to the skin, then its attachment properties can remove oil and dirt. That means those items will wash away when you take off your makeup in the evening.

How Can Activated Charcoal Know What to Remove?

Activated charcoal uses intermolecular forces to help molecules stick together. The dispersion in cosmetics offers ample space for this substance to work, soaking up everything on the surface of your skin. 

That means it can remove more than the dirt and oil from your skin. It can also remove essential vitamins and minerals.

What makes it such a beneficial product if it can absorb the good and bad equally?

The dispersion forces from activated charcoal fade out quickly. That means it has a difficult time trying to absorb items that are far away from its surface. If the product isn’t in physical contact with the molecules in question, then it doesn’t influence them in any way.

That’s why it removes oil and dirt from the skin effectively. When you apply it directly through cosmetic products, then it can get to work removing the unwanted elements on your skin’s surface while the nutrients underneath stay put.

Does Activated Charcoal Remove More Dirt?

Some companies make claims about activated charcoal that say this substance can remove more unwanted dirt than other products.

It is a statement that is potentially true, although every person’s skin is unique.

When you apply a surfactant to your skin, then it will take the surface oils and dirt away. That means the unwanted substances in your pores remain. 

Activated charcoal gets into those pores so that you can rinse away more of the dirt and oil. Cosmetics are the perfect solution for applying this substance because studies consistently show that it takes several hours for the product to give you its full effect.

Activated charcoal can absorb up to 200 times its weight, helping to remove an impressive amount of dirt and oil from your skin with a single application. This natural ingredient can help to improve your skin’s glow, purify your pores, and several other potential benefits that require additional studies to confirm.

What You Need to Know About Activated Charcoal

Everyone reacts a little differently to activated charcoal products. One person’s skin might find the experience liberating, while another can feel like it is highly irritating. If you have sensitive skin, then a small test of a new product is often a wise choice.

Consistent applications are often needed to continue receiving the results you want. Your skin picks up dirt all of the time, and it produces natural oils that can clog up your pores daily. That’s why cosmetic products with activated charcoal are such a good investment.

You can potentially help your skin while looking great!

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