Carbon 60 (Fullerene) Benefits, Applications, and History 

10th, Feb 2020

Carbon 60 (fullerene) became an immediate focus of research after its 1985 discovery. Scientists investigated its biological, chemical, and physical properties to determine its potential as a therapeutic agent.

C-60 has a unique cage structure and an incredible scope for derivatization. That means we can use it in a variety of practical ways.
Fullerene can fit inside HIV proteases, serve as an antioxidant, or produce oxygen in quantum yields when exposed to light. Its bonds make it look like a hollow soccer ball, and it gets its name because it is composed of 60 carbon atoms.

The discovery of C-60 is so profound that the three chemists responsible for what we know about fullerene earned the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996.

What Is the History of Fullerenes?

Scientists from Exxon were performing experiments with lasers to vaporize graphite. Eric Rohlfing, Donald Cox, and Andrew Caldor found that when carbon clusters would form, it tended to be an even number when more than 40 atoms were present.

At the same time, Richard Smalley, Harry Kroto, and Robert Curl were studying atom clusters through a similar process. During a set of experiments with students over ten days, Smalley’s team found long “carbon snakes” and a previously unknown molecule of pure carbon.

The lab book from that work notes that the discovery of the unknown molecule occurred on September 2, 1985. When the team used helium as a carrier gas, the mass spectroscopy of the molecules occurred consistently at 60 atoms.
This foundational work on fullerenes has led to the synthesis or discovery of numerous new compounds. The count is already well beyond 1,000 unique observations.
The work has also led to more research on carbon nanotubes, along with more opportunities to study pure chemistry, nanotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. 

What Are the Benefits of C-60?

C-60 delivers an abundance of potential benefits with regular use. It provides both nootropic and antioxidant properties that can lead to positive outcomes.

1. It protects against the natural aging process.

Free radicals search for other electrons to create pairs. These uncharged molecules form oxidative stress in this effort that can damage DNA, cells, and proteins. The effects have direct associations on issues like Alzheimer’s disease and aging. 
Consistent C-60 uses can reduce the effects of free radicals in animal studies. These benefits happen even if the exposure to fullerene doesn’t occur until midway through a studied lifespan. 

2. It can improve nerve cell lifespans.

Clinical studies of C-60 show that it can prevent the death of cells related to the central nervous system. It counters the impacts of dehydration and amyloid-beta, encouraging results as high as 90% in some published research accounts.
This benefit of C-60 also leads to potential improvements in learning and memory

3. It could kill viruses.

Fullerene is strong enough to kill viruses when its photons work in collaboration with specific photons. This benefit extends to bacteria, as C-60 can boost the number of white blood cells produced by the body’s immune system. Research shows it can eliminate the streptococcus family effectively to reverse unwanted symptoms of infection.

4. It may protect the skin.

Applying products that contain Carbon 60 can protect skin against overexposure to reduce the risk of sunburn. The benefits may also include improvements to a person’s complexion, softer skin, and a smoother surface. It could be a way that encourages a more youthful appearance over time.

5. It might encourage better sleep.

Self-reporting from C-60 customers indicates that regular use encourages better sleep at night. It may also help people maintain their daily energy levels without getting their usual amount of rest. 

Is It Safe to Use Carbon 60?
Gaurav Lalwani and Balaji Sitharaman from Stony Brook University authored a comprehensive review of C-60 uses in 2013 to determine its safety.

The authors looked at the potential for toxicity with C-60 exposure. Their review of research went back until the 1990s, looking at the different studies that worked with fullerenes. Their conclusion is straight to the point.
There is little evidence gathered since its discovery that C-60 is toxic.

The problem with stories of toxicity involves the fact that anyone can purchase fullerenes online today. Buying them from an unknown manufacturer can lead to inferior outcomes, even if a purity rate gets published with the product. 
If synthesis involves toxic chemicals or solvents, then the C-60 that forms afterward is not useful to human health.

What Are the Cosmetic Impacts of C-60?
C-60 suppresses the occurrence of melanin because it suppresses active oxygen. That means it can prevent wrinkles, stop spotting, and lead to a brightening of the skin because it reduces the chances for cell oxidation to occur. 
As this protective organ ages, it begins to sag in areas where structural supports are less available. That’s why you see more wrinkles and drooping around the cheeks, neck, and eyes as people age.
Consistent application of C-60 skincare products can encourage a more youthful appearance in the mirror’s reflection because of this effect and the antioxidant properties it offers.

Why Combine CBD and C-60?
The benefits of C-60 have over 30 years of research supporting their consumption. A similar body of clinical studies supports the use of cannabidiol for health improvements.
When you combine CBD with C-60, then you can achieve the benefits of both products with minimal side effects. With C-60 you can reduce your pain levels, defend against neurodegeneration, and stop inflammation from having an adverse impact.

It is essential to note that all research and clinical work is independent and requires confirmation. The health benefits discussed for C-60 or CBD are not guaranteed results. 

Why You Need to Know About Carbon 60
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