CBD and the Resurgence of Cannabis

For several decades now, cannabis has grown to be unarguably a really valuable crop. Just like every other grain crop such as wheat and barley, hemp is very common in the UK and across Europe. Unfortunately, cannabis was considered to be a crop which instigated criminal activity, mental disorders, and divisions in society by the government. and so eventually, a ban on hemp was introduced.

The ban against cultivating and using hemp has made it impossible for us to harness the full benefits of the plant, which include it being a source of medicine, a source of food for humans and animals, and a strong building material. Hemp is actually the strongest fibre in nature and has a lot of ecological and environmental benefits, including an ability to decontaminate nuclear waste!!  Fortunately, some governments, such as the US, have now realised this, and are putting policies in place that permit the legal use of cannabis with hemp and medicinal cannabis now being cultivated and grown again all over the world.

The Endocannabinoid system, that was discovered about three decades ago, has made us realise the importance of cannabinoids in our diet. In fact, some researchers are of the belief that the rate of chronic and severe diseases grew sporadically after the removal of cannabis and hemp from our diet. This was attributed to endocannabinoid deficiency. The cannabinoids from hemp have what it takes to supplement our endocannabinoid system, thus, keeping us healthy. Some years back, hemp was used for feeding sheep, cattle, and poultry. Humans benefited from ingesting the cannabinoids by eating animal meat and poultry. Hempseed also served as an essential food ingredient usually pressed for oil or milled into flour. The decision of the government to put a ban on cannabis put a stop to this.

Luckily, cannabinoids are now being reintroduced as food supplements by the CBD industry. CBD oil can help to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle and CBD Oil can be used just like every other vitamin or mineral supplement.

Consumption of hemp containing CBD and other cannabinoids, as a food supplement is now permitted. Products such as CBD Oil contain the adequate amount of cannabinoids to support the endocannabinoid system, thus, contributing to the proper functioning of the body system. What you get is an optimum level of health.

If you are looking to introduce CBD to your health and fitness regime, CBD Ultra products are all manufactured from legal, industry standard, low-THC hemp grown under license in the USA.  They are jam-packed with over 40 terpenes and 5 cannabinoids, resulting in the ‘entourage effect’ which many users now seek.

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