CBD and Meditation: A Proven Recipe for Focus and Calmness

03rd, Jun 2020

Meditation does more than offer stress relief. It is an essential practice that can help to control the chronic aches and pains that happen in life.

One of the most significant challenges that beginners face when trying to meditate involves settling the mind. Achieving a calm state when so many issues happen in life every day can feel like an impossible task.

Add in that sore knee, a few muscle aches, and fatigue from a long day, and you have distractions everywhere that take away from your time in meditation.

CBD provides a practical solution that can help the body to restore its focus.

Science-Based Reasons to Practice Meditation Today

Meditation promotes a healthier emotional state. Some forms of it encourage a more positive outlook on life or an improved self-image.

Many people are familiar with the stress hormone called cortisol. What you may not know is that cytokines get released in your body when you experience stressful situations. This chemical has an inflammatory effect that can lead to mental health issues, such as depression. Meditation helps to reduce their presence in the body.

A daily meditation practice can provide a long-term benefit to a person’s attention span. If you can spend 20 minutes each day to improve your focus, the effect is like weightlifting for your brain. You will see more strength and endurance in this area almost immediately.

People who have a daily meditation session remember the details of their tasks better than those who do not meditate.

Meditation can also improve sleep. About half of all people must manage insomnia at some point in their life. The individuals who practice mindfulness-based meditation techniques or programs fall asleep faster and stay sleeping longer.

CBD Provides Three Critical Benefits That Promote Mindfulness

CBD rose in popularity because it can impact the body in several positive ways. Since it can be taken in a variety of ways, almost everyone can use the cannabinoid compound in ways that feel comfortable.

Although research into CBD and meditation is somewhat lacking, we do know that it can provide help in three critical areas to promote a focused mind.

1. It helps with pain management

Millions of people around the world manage neuropathic pain daily. If you have ever had the “pins and needles” feeling after having a limb “fall asleep,” you are familiar with the sensation. Imagine having the prickling and burning present the entire time you are trying to meditate. How successful would that effort be?

The effects of CBD have a positive impact on the endocannabinoid receptor activity in the body. This process creates an outcome that reduces inflammation and provides pain relief. It can also help to manage muscle discomfort or speed up your recovery after overuse.

2. It reduces feelings of anxiety and fear

People who work long hours, don’t get enough sleep, or have high exposure to stress are more likely to experience anxiety. This emotion can create crippling physical reactions at unexpected moments, such as a panic attack. CBD is a safe and less addictive alternative to medications that treat this condition, bringing the mind into a balanced state that promotes meditation.

In a small study involving 72 people who manage anxiety and poor sleep issues, the emotional scores of 80% of the participants decreased after using CBD for only one month.

3. It provides anti-seizure benefits

The hyper-synchrony that meditation provides to the brain creates an altered state of consciousness. Researchers have found that people who frequently meditate have similar neurophysiology and symptoms to those who have simple partial seizures due to epilepsy. CBD works to modulate the electrical activity in the central nervous system, reducing the risk of this outcome.

How to Practice Meditation with CBD

Meditation is a simple practice that asks you to contemplate something on a deeper level. When you sit at your desk at work while taking a few moments to take deep breaths, you are engaging in this practice.

Several different approaches to meditating have developed over the centuries to help people in their emotional states. Many forms that get practiced today combine a set of physical movements and mental exercises to create moments of introspection, mindfulness, and focus.

Most forms of meditation require the practitioner to center attention on a single thought or object without distraction. You can choose to stay focused on a candle’s flame or an individual action, such as deep breathing.

You can also decide to pursue mindfulness. This meditation form asks you to consider and accept your current mental, emotional, and physical states.

How to Include CBD with Your Meditation

Individual metabolism rates vary, which means it can take anywhere from one to six hours to develop the positive effects of CBD.

CBD works faster in some individuals and slower in others. If you have never taken it before, you may want to discover what to expect before using it for meditation.

Meditation and CBD work best when the positive effects of cannabidiol are present in your body. If you attempt to find your focus before it has a chance to work, you will be meditating without any assistance.

Once you start to feel a sense of calm in your body, the CBD is likely making its impact known in your body. That moment would be the perfect time to start meditating.

How to Take CBD for Meditation

The CBD market offers several ways for you to include it with your meditation time.

Tinctures and edibles tend to be the two most popular methods to achieve the dosage of CBD required to have a useful meditation session. You can also find vaping, topical, and sublingual products that can help you to reach the correct dosage.

If you already know what CBD dosage works well for your needs, you can take it according to your regular schedule. When you feel the positive effects working, try to meditate to maximize the benefits to your body.

When your body is not used to taking CBD, it can be a little complicated to find the correct dosage for your unique needs. Most beginners follow a general rule where they take about 1 mg of CBD for every 5 kilograms of weight. If you deal with chronic pain, you could potentially push that amount up to 6 mg.

It is always better to start small and gradually increase your CBD levels until you reach a maximum benefit. Since we are all made differently and have a unique history of medications, supplements, and lifestyle habits, what works for someone else may not work for you. Gauge your reactions to the initial dose, then make adjustments based on what you experience.

Before you include CBD with your meditation practice for the first time, it may be helpful to speak with your doctor about your choice. This step is critical for anyone who has an existing medical condition.

Who Should Take CBD for Meditation?

Anyone can benefit from the calmness and focus that CBD provides to create a positive environment for meditating.

CBD is especially helpful for anyone who experiences pain or anxiety when establishing a routine that includes meditation.

Once you can reach a place where your body accepts the idea of meditation, your body can search for ways to cope with future stressors. The effects may be subtle at first, but you may notice that it is easier to return to a state of focus when using it.

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