What to Know About Taking CBD Products with You on Holiday

01st, Apr 2020

CBD oil is a product that provides numerous benefits to people all over the world. It’s also an
item that is subject to a variety of different regulations when you travel.
If you are taking CBD on a plane, going through customs, or driving across a border while on
holiday, then there are some essential facts that you must know.
Is Legal CBD Safe to Use During Travel?
When you choose CBD Ultra products, then you have access to a zero-THC item with lab reports
that document this fact for you. Most jurisdictions allow such a product with the changing
attitudes toward cannabis globally, but there are a few restrictions that still exist.


1. Taking CBD on a Plane
If you travel to the United States, CBD is still considered an illegal item. Different states have
unique rules, but that means you must purchase items upon arrival instead of taking it on a
plane with you. Authorities can arrest you in some countries, even if you carry zero THC
You will want to speak with your flight provider to discuss what options are available for CBD
transportation based on where you plan to holiday.
It may also be necessary to contact customs officials.

3. CBD Ultra Through Customs
If you take CBD Ultra products with you on holiday, then you must leave the product in its
original packaging. This step allows a customs official to immediately see what you have with
you on your travels.
Some locations have no way to determine if a product gets derived from hemp or marijuana,
which means having the verified lab report can be helpful when taking CBD with you on holiday.
If you have a prescription or other relevant documentation, make sure that you take it with you
to avoid complications.

4. CBD in Airports
Each airport has specific rules about CBD oil and cannabidiol products. Until laws are very clear
about ownership, facilities tend to err on the side of caution. Lower jurisdictions can sometimes
have different rules than what you can find at the national level when you travel.
Most airports have pages where you can send a private message to ask your question. These
are the top ten travel destinations from the UK.

Spain CBD Airport Rules
France CBD Airport Rules
Italy CBD Airport Rules
United States CBD Airport Rules
Republic of Ireland CBD Airport Rules
Portugal CBD Airport Rules
Germany CBD Airport Rules
Netherlands CBD Airport Rules
Poland CBD Airport Rules
Greece CBD Airport Rules

If you fly to a destination outside of these top ten countries for your holiday, then a simple
search that involves the customs requirements for entry to your nation of choice can get you
the information you require.

5. Legal Cannabis and Travel
If you travel with cannabis that may contain THC, then you must have a Schengen statement to
avoid a complicated encounter with police. Carrying any product that’s covered by the Opium
Act without this documentation could have legal consequences.
It is essential to remember that the Schengen statement is not a valid document everywhere in
Europe. If you decide to take a holiday to the Americas, Africa, or Asia, then a prescription may
be your only choice – and even that paperwork might not qualify.
Ireland, Croatia, and all nations in the UK accept medical Schengen declarations, as do the
countries that adopted the Schengen agreement for general travel.
You must have a medical certificate in the countries where the Schengen declaration does not
apply. These rules also apply in the countries where stopovers occur during your travels.
How to Make Travel Easy with CBD
The fastest way to avoid complications during a holiday is to use a zero THC product. That’s one
of many reasons why CBD Ultra provides you with an advantage.

You’ll receive a high-quality product, competitive pricing, and fewer potential issues of legal
It is up to you to know what laws will apply to your possession of a CBD product when you
travel. This information does not replace professional legal advice. If you have any questions
about the cannabidiol you want to take along on holiday, then seek counsel immediately as
part of your planning process.

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