Valentines Sensual Surprise Box

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Bring the power of the hemp plant to the bedroom this Valentine’s Day by surprising your lover to this Sensual Surprise Valentine’s Box.

Begin your romantic evening with a hot bath for two and pop in our 20mg Knock Out Bath Bomb that guarantees to get you ready for the bedroom as it’s luxurious blend of hemp extract with clays, oils, salts and Lavender helps to relax the body while keeping the skin smooth and silky.

Next indulge your partner to a relaxing massage using our CBD Ultra Night-time Relax which boasts the musky aroma of Vetiver and the sensual scent of Sandalwood, both of which are known to induce relaxation and calmness.

Finally, bring a little extra slip and slide to your erotic adventures with our all natural and 100% preservative-free Hemp Lubricant Gel. Rich in Amino Acids and Omega 3’s it offers prolonged lubrication through its high content of glycerine, which is known to soften and lubricate the skin for long lasting effect.






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