CBD for Pets: The Facts


Researching products when it comes to your pet’s health can be a minefield. There is lots of misinformation out there but do not worry CBD Ultra is here to help. Whether it is the supporting and maintaining your pet’s general health and wellbeing or easing symptoms of a health issue, our CBD for pets could be the choice for you.


First and foremost, what animals can take CBD?

 CBD is primarily beneficial to mammals, and we would only recommend CBD for mammals until further research is conducted. Mammals are your warm, blooded furry friends. Our CBD is for horses, cats, dogs, rabbits and even your hamster. Size is no issue!


Is CBD Safe for My Pet?
Yes. CBD is totally safe for your pet. It is non-toxic. Research has shown no adverse affects when administered to animals.

Having said this, if your pet shows an intolerance to any CBD products you give to them, please stop using immediately and consult your veterinarian for advice before proceeding with any further dosages.

If you pet has been prescribed with any medication (particularly steroids, anti-inflammatory, anti- anxiety medication), please contact your vet for advise in taking in conjunction with CBD.


What are the benefits of CBD for my pet?

Just like with humans, CBD has numerous benefits for our pets. From supporting and maintaining a healthy heart to easing digestive issues, CBD can work wonders for your pet. Some of the most noticeable benefits include:


  • Join Pain Relief and Increased Mobility:

One of the most common afflictions of dogs and cats, particularly in later life, is arthritic joints or joint pain. This is often caused by chronic inflammation resulting in pain, stiffness and nerve irritation. Research has shown CBD to be an effective anti-inflammatory. Given to pets in older age, regular CBD can relieve these symptoms and give your dog or cat a new lease of life and increased mobility as the swelling and pain reduces in their joints.
CBD can also be used as a preventative method. Given to younger dogs or cats with no issues, it can help to stop the development of the chronic inflammation that leads to these problems in their later life. Giving your pet regular CBD from early age, really can give them a leg up (excuse the pun) when it comes to health and wellbeing throughout their life.


  •  Reduction in Anxiety:

Is your pet anxious or do they suffer from separation anxiety when you are out of the house? Regular use of CBD can be effective in the reduction of anxiety in dogs and cats. Loud noise, travel and visits to the vet are among some of the factors that can contribute to your pet’s anxiety. During these times, if you notice a negative change in behaviour within your pet, CBD can help calm them. Researchers believe this is achieved as the CBD changes the way the brain receptors respond to serotonin leading to better mental health and ultimately a happier pet.


Moreover, as well as the above benefits of CBD for pets. Research as also shown to help with serious chronic illness in pets and particularly dogs. These include but are not limited to easing the effect of cancer treatment; CBD can help reduce nausea and pain resulting from cancer treatments. In addition there is ongoing research to show that CBD can help effectively reduced seizures in your pet.


What Dosage Should I Give My Pet and How? 

First of all, dosage depends on the size and weight of your pet. For our product, CBD Ultra’s PAWS range, you can find the recommend dosage here.

We recommend giving your pet CBD two- three times per day. You can do this by popping straight into their mouths (preferred method), mixing with their food or popping on a treat for them. It is essential to keep the CBD “topped up” in their system for optimal benefit.


Want Your Pet to Start Benefitting from CBD?

CBD Ultra’s PAWS range, CBD for pets,  is specially formulated for your pet’s wellbeing, supporting a healthy heart, liver and immune system.


CBD Ultra’s CBD is specially formulated for mammals. We have specially formulated it with organic chicken flavourings and recommend this particular CBD for dogs or cats. Please contact us if you have a herbivore pet and we can formulate our CBD without the flavourings for you.  You can find our CBD for pets PAWS range by clicking here.


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