PAWS CBG Oil Drops


PAWS CBG Oil Drops

Give your pet the gift of wellbeing with our specially formulated PAWS CBG drops.

CBD Ultra’s CBD for pets is specially formulated for your pet’s wellbeing, supporting a healthy heart, liver and immune system.  Our CBD also contains anti-inflammatory properties which promote healthy joints and is essential to the health and happiness of your four legged friend and can help prevent or ease issues such as arthritis which can plague the life of a dog or cat later on in life.

Available in two varieties (250mg, 500mg),  we have you covered no matter how big your pet is and our drops are specially formulated with organic chicken flavourings so your pet will see their daily dose of CBD as a treat to look forward to and enjoy as part of their routine. Read our additional information below for information on dosages.


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What Animals Can I give the CBD to? 

Our CBD is specially formulated for mammals. We have specially formulated it with organic chicken flavourings and recommend this particular CBD for dogs or cats. Please contact us if you have a herbivore pet and we can formulate our CBD without the flavourings for you.

What Are the Benefits of CBD for Animals?
Research is currently showing the benefits to be vast and varied for animals. Our CBD can help with anything from joint pain, due to it’s anti inflammatory properties, to promoting overall welling, to easing anxiety or helping with sleep. You can read more about the benefits of CBG our article by clicking here.


What Dosage Should I Give My Pet and How? 

First of all dosage depends on the size and weight of your pet. Each of our bottles contains 200 drops.
One drop of our 250mg bottle is equal to 1.25mg
One drop of our 500mg bottle is equal to 2.5mg

We recommend to give your pet CBD two- three times per day. You can do this by popping straight into their mouths, mixing with their food or popping on a treat for them.

CBD for dogs or cats dosing chart

Pet weight (approx) Low dose Medium dose Strong dose
10 pounds 1 mg 3 mg 5 mg
20 pounds 2 mg 6 mg 10 mg
30 pounds 3 mg 9 mg 15 mg
 40 pounds 4 mg 12 mg 20 mg
50 pounds 5 mg 15 mg 25 mg
60 pounds 6 mg 18 mg 30 mg
 70 pounds 7 mg 21 mg 35 mg
80 pounds 8 mg 24 mg 40 mg
90 pounds 9 mg 27 mg 45 mg
100 pounds 10 mg 30 mg 50 mg