Keto Ultra MCT Oil


**This product does not contain CBD**

Pure C8 MCT oil is most effective when taken with a Keto diet. The oil is odourless, flavourless and therefore is great taken on its own, in your bullet coffee, or with food and shakes. S

C8 is the premium MCT to boost this process, it is 3 times more than other MCT’s (that have other, less effective MCTs such as C6, C10, C12) Some of the benefits that are shown in studies are; – Increase in energy and metabolism – Reduced appetite – Increased brain focus and performance – Reduced anxiety – Anti-inflammatory

About this item

  • HIGHEST QUALITY- 99.9% pure C8 MCT. The only MCT that increases blood ketones effectively.
  • BOOSTS ENERGY- boosts energy by converting keytones INCREASES PERFORMANCE: enhances physical performance and mental focus
  • BURNS FAT- speeds up fat burning process and turns into fuel
  • LOW INSULIN RELEASE- C8 MCT causes a lower insulin response than coconut oils or other MCTs.
  • SAFE PACKAGING- BPA-free and safe PET plastic used with this product (MCT oil can react to other types of material)




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Important information

Safety Information:

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store out of reach of young children


Caprylic Acid (C8 MCT Organic Coconut Oil)


Directions:1 teaspoon a day, taken with food increase by half a teaspoon each week, for next 3 weeks up to 1 tablespoon, which can then be taken daily with drinks. Slowly increase up to 3 tablespoon doses a day (pure C8 MCT oil can cause an upset stomach, so gradual build up is recommended)