It’s a dirty job: but Hemp can do it!

22nd, Mar 2017

In the shadow of Europe’s largest steel mill  , the farmers of Taranto who raise sheep to make ricotta cheese, were recently left devastated after having to put down their whole flocks due to deadly pollutants from the factory infiltrating the surrounding land. The pollution from the factory was so bad that the Italian government banned livestock or farming within 20km of the factory due to the dangerously high levels of Dioxin

To try and claw back their businesses, local farmers are using a new technique called “phytoremediation,” which involves cultivating plants that remove heavy metals and toxins from the air and soil. Not only does this eradicate the toxin problem it is also an extremely low cost and environmentally friendly cultivation technique. The plant of choice for these farmers is industrial hemp due to its quick growing, deep roots and amazing ability to remove toxins from the soil and air, without harming the plant.

Hemp has been used for this purpose before, most notably in the Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine and so the question has to be asked.. With millions of polluted sites across the world and billions being spent on cleanup operations, could the humble hemp plant be the answer?

One thing that we know is CBD Ultra will continue to source hemp for Oil and other products from organic, sustainable farms that are completely GMO and solvent free and more importantly, nowhere near any nuclear disaster sites!

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